Checkmate (Book Two in the Arrynna Doe Trilogy)

Ryne finally has the answers she’s always longed for, but she’s starting to discover that the truth may be worse than the lies she used to live; and as anarchy looms over the world of magick, she might just be in more danger than anyone realizes.

Sequestered at the Seelie Court under the watchful eyes of her bodyguards, Ryne struggles to unravel the secrets the Seelie King keeps hidden; secrets that may just be the key to her survival. But as the magick of her fey side emerges, powerful and beyond her control, she finds herself becoming dangerous and unstable. Plagued with nightmares, lost and confused, Ryne finds herself questioning everything, even her own sanity; because prophecy can’t be fought and sometimes fate is inevitable.

Filled with magick, betrayal, and political intrigue, join Ryne as she dives deeper into the world of Faeries and Magick, discovering who she truly is.

Release date coming soon!