Covers and More...

Hi everyone,

So, I know it's been a while since I've had a post that wasn't a review, so I figured I'd give an update- mostly, because I am super excited!!! But I'll get to that later. First off, the second book in the Arrynna Doe Trilogy (Checkmate) is coming along nicely, I'm working on the third draft now. I'm waiting to get some feedback on a couple of beta reads and once that's done, and I do another read through, it'll be ready to go to an editor (Yay progress!). I've also started preliminary work on the final installment; some rough outlining, some scenes, the important points I need to hit, etc. If all goes well, I'll start that soon. For those who are curious, the working title is *drum-roll please ;)*... Masked.

In the meantime, I'm finishing up on a novella I plan to release this coming November. (And, again, if all goes well, I might just release two). I'll put a blurb for the book up soon so keep an eye on my 'Other Projects' tab.

Now, for the thing I am super excited about: my covers. So, I was talking with the artist who designs my covers Aaron Tichy (no, the last name isn't a coincidence) (and also, check him out here:

Anyway, we were talking about the look for the second book in Arrynna's story, and we decided to go a whole new direction. I'll be releasing a new edition of the first book with a whole different cover shortly before the second book is released. I'll also being doing a giveaway for the new cover so stay tuned for the details on that. I loved my first cover, but, for the series a a whole, the direction we've decided on is definitely better and I am ridiculously excited for it and may have done a couple happy dances when no one was looking :). Keep an eye out for a sneak peak of the new cover (both Tangled Web and Checkmate), and a book trailer for Checkmate.

Until next time...