Better and Better!

A Mother's Love (Davenport House #3)A Mother's Love by Marie Silk
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Better and better!
I love this series! Just when you think the Davenport girls are going to catch a break from the ups and downs life has thrown at them, author Marie Silk introduces a new dilemma. What is really impressive is that none of it seems superfluous, every problem is well plotted and makes sense and is brought to a great but always unexpected conclusion. I think Davenport House: A Mother’s love may just be my favorite so far, which considering how much I love the other ones, is really saying something. I read this book in less than a day because I just could not put it down. The dilemma faced in this book (no spoilers, I promise) is an emotional rollercoaster (seriously, I was ready to cry at several points) from start to finish so you feel just what the characters are going through. The results of the problem and what it does to/ brings out in the characters is part of what makes this book so great. My only hesitation in giving this novel five stars is the character of Clara. The character’s maturity and growth achieved in the previous book seemed to backtrack in this book. By the end, she has regained the maturity the last book left off with but this redevelopment of the character comes off as a little abrupt as opposed to the natural progression achieved in the previous book. However, this pales when compared with the enjoyable, intriguing, unpredictable story Marie Silk has written, filled with amazing, lovable (or sometimes hateable), believable characters. This series will not disappoint!

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