A Great Installment in a Captivating Series!

A New Chapter (Davenport House #2)A New Chapter by Marie Silk
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great installment in a captivating series!

Davenport House: A New Chapter was a great read. The second installment in Marie Silk’s Davenport House Series truly pulls you in as she picks up with her characters trying to settle into their new roles and responsibilities as they attempt to find their place in their ever changing lives and a world that is quickly growing beyond the simplicity they are used to. Once again, the author has characters you can’t help but be drawn to, maintaining their voices from the first book while making them grow. The character of Clara did begin to irritate me after a bit as she tries a too hard to fit into her new life and struggles with jealousy, however considering all that she is going through it does make sense for the character. By the end of the novel, she has become a character of growth and maturity that I enjoyed reading as much as all the others. While the dialogue could at times be predictable and the story a little too descriptive for my own tastes, the author created a really strong plot that kept me guessing. I particularly enjoyed seeing the various love stories evolve, as they were both believable and intriguing. What really impressed me was how well she captured the time period, especially as it is one that, historically, is filled with change and development. The author achieved the promise of her plot, as, by the end the three girls truly found their places and came into their own. But as this is the only the second book in a series filled with promise, Marie silk left off a fantastic cliffhanger that I can’t wait to resolve in book three, I definitely recommend this book!

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