An Intriguing Step Back in Time

Davenport House (Davenport House #1)Davenport House by Marie Silk
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An intriguing and enjoyable read:
Davenport House by Marie Silk is a read I couldn’t put down, from the plot to the characters to the setting; the author pulled me in from the first page. There were a couple things that prevented me from giving this a five star rating, though it was close. I felt at times that the descriptions came across as forced, as if the author were trying to fit in too much into creating the picture so it didn’t flow as naturally. Also, some of the dialogue had a similar problem of sounding forced, though I think this was due to Silk trying to capture the more formal speech of the time period (which she succeeded at the majority of the time). The author beautifully captured the grief the main character, Mary, felt at the loss of her father, which really solidified the connection I felt to her. That said, later on in the story, she suffers a severe betrayal and discovers some shocking news, and I felt her reactions to both of these was a bit underwhelming. While I think this was in part because she was supposed to be incredibly emotionally drained by that point in the story, I would have preferred to see more of a reaction. I was able to figure out the where the book was going before the end, but I still thoroughly enjoyed reading the story. I think this is because of the amazing characters she created. Silk created a fantastic heroine with a great balance of traits: her emotional side, her responsible and rational side, her forgiveness, her anger, her joy and sorrow. All of these were not only a part of the character Mary, but also well developed and realistic, making her a strong and touching heroine you can’t help but relate too. Additionally, Silk’s great character building did not stop at Mary, she wrote an amazing cast of characters, who, as you read, draw out your emotions. From the antagonists, to Mary’s friends, they all enthralled me. I especially loved the relationship Silk developed between Mary, her friend, and her two servant girls, and I cannot wait to see where it goes in the next book. Finally, I was really impressed with how well the author captured both the time period and the ensuing culture. I definitely recommend Davenport house.

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