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Anchor of Hope (Sweet Home Series, #1)Anchor of Hope by Kiah Stephens
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A gratifying story of growth and change that captures the heart!
Anchor of Hope by Kiah Stephens is a truly touching story of faith, family, and redemption that draws you in from the first page. The author created wonderful characters, all with their own unique voice, that that the reader cannot help but enjoy and relate to. While Kiah Stephens developed both touching and relatable emotional journeys for the characters in her book, this is especially true for the main character Ashley. Her suffering and the emotional scars she carries as well as how the emotional and spiritual story arch progressed and was eventually resolved provided a lovely depth to the book and it’s characters. While I really enjoyed the authors flow and writing style there were a couple scenarios in that book that became problematic or complex in the story but seemed to have simple solutions to me. Additionally, I was a bit disappointed in the final scene between the characters Ashley and Steven, it seemed a bit too simple considering how the story had progressed which in turn made it a bit unbelievable. That said, this truly was a wonderful story that captured me. What I loved most about this tale was that Ashley’s journey to God was realistic, emotional, relatable, and a little gritty. I feel that at times religious authors oversimplify their character’s journey to God and make it easy, which to me is not a realistic representation. Stephens did not do that but at the same time neither did she make it pointlessly complicated. Instead, she perfectly captured a natural, difficult, and satisfying development, both emotionally and spiritually, of all her characters, but especially Ashley. I definitely recommend this book!

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