A suspenseful and intriguing read!

Give it BackGive it Back by Danielle Esplin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Give It Back by Danielle Esplin is a great read that will keep you guessing. With a wide and varied cast, the author draws you in right from the beginning. Although the characters were a little hard to connect with at first, as they come across as isolated and a little shut off from each other, this approach makes sense with the tone of the story overall. Furthermore, the plot and mystery of the story quickly overcomes this pulling you and your emotions in so you feel the story for the whole fantastic ride. Danielle Esplin created fascinating individual story arcs for each character bringing you into each story and struggle as it progress, and, in the end, brings them all together seamlessly, creating the overall story arc and answering all the reader’s questions. Overall, it is well written, with some very beautifully turned phrases. The scope and excellence of this story, is first-rate, especially for a debut novel. What I really found intriguing was how Esplin tells the story from both the past and the present, jumping back and forth without losing or confusing the reader, bringing it all together perfectly. It conveyed the story in a mesmerizing way that progressing chronologically would not have achieved. Finally, she managed to keep me guessing at the plot almost the entire way through. Towards the very end, I started to suspect who was behind it all but even still, I did not see it playing out or coming to light the way the Esplin did it, which I found very satisfying. The open ending definitely took me by surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it. You will not be disappointed. (Due to certain scenes, I would recommend for 18+)

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