A Great Second Installment!

White Serpent, Black Dragon (Eve of Redemption, #2)White Serpent, Black Dragon by Joe Jackson
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Great Read, Will Not Disappoint!

I loved this book! Jackson weaved a truly absorbing tale that takes hold of you in the first few pages and does not let go. Getting to dive back into Kari’s world was amazing, I loved seeing her growth in this novel, and particularly loved the struggle she had between her family and the career/ lifestyle she has devoted two lifetimes to. Jordan portrayed it with a balance and poignancy that truly draws you into her internal battle. Kari is a fantastic Heroine whose characteristics, struggles, failures, and triumphs are balanced and realistic creating a tough as nails heroine who never loses her deep and caring heart. You cannot help but relate to her (even if she isn’t human). Jackson introduced several new characters in this book that you fall in love with just as much as his characters from the first book. I did miss not having the whole group from the first story in this one, but in a fantasy epic of this size that just isn’t always possible, and quite frankly the author quickly pulls you into the new characters so you care about them just as much. The plot of this book was fascinating and kept me guessing the whole way, which I love. Jackson, while a little too detailed for my preference, really pulls his readers into this fascinating world he has created, and weaves a brilliant and original storyline that I couldn’t put down. This is a fantastic read that I highly recommend and cannot wait for the next in the series.

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