Kindle Countdown!

It's sale time! With the holidays coming, the eBook version of 'Tangled Web' will be going on sale. It will be on sale for four days with the exact sale price a little different every day. The sale is going to start on December 11th at 8 AM. 'Tangled Web' will be available for purchase at .99 cents! (That's an 81% discount from it's usual 4.99!) Over the next three days, the price will go up a dollar a day (12th Dec=1.99, 13th Dec=2.99, and the 14th Dec=3.99) until the 15th when it will return to it's usual price. So take advantage while you can. Whether you're looking for a new book to read, or it's been on your wish list, or your looking for a fun easy gift for someone, December 11th through the 14th is your chance to get it at a great price!

On a side note, I've made some progress and updates on 'Other Projects', so if you want to know the new project I'm working on or what the title is going to be for the next Arrynna Doe book, check it out :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season,

Merry Christmas, and until next time...