It's Here! (sort of)

So it's finally ready, the paperback version of Tangled Web. My copy arrived yesterday, and it was amazing, actually having a physical copy, it makes it seem more real than just the kindle (though that was great too). I'm excited to be able to put this option out there, as it's one more great step in my writing journey! For right now it is only available through the Createspace store (which is an affiliate of Amazon), just search L.W. Tichy at, and it will bring it up. At some point over the next week it will be made available through Amazon, and as soon as that happens I will let everyone know, and add a link to the website, under My Books. If you don't want to wait for amazon though you can easily order it through Createspace.

Thank you to any and all who decide to read my book, it's wonderful knowing that you'll get to experience Ryne's story too.

Until next time...